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Written by Kumud Roy

Translation of Gita by Kumud Roy
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(1884 - 1954)

Swami Dayananda Abadhut ( Bengali: স্বামী  দয়ানন্দ  অবধূত ) was a great Hindu Saint, Renunciant, Yogi, Mystic, Satguru and Spiritualist. He was worshipper of Lord Shiva. He had a large number of disciples – mostly in current day West Bengal and Bangladesh; and some in Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa and Uttar Pradesh. Some disciples would address him as Thakur and some as Gurudev. 


Thakur was born in a Hindu Brahmin Family in the village of Ujirpur, district Barisal, province of Bengal, India ( now in Bangladesh) on Friday November 15, 1884 (Bengali: শুক্রবার  ৩০শে  কার্ত্তিক,  ১২৯১ সাল ). His father’s name was Chandra Mohan Chakravarty and his mother’s name was Suniti Devi. Chandra Mohan was a lawyer by profession.

Early Life:

Thakur’s childhood nick name was ‘Gopal’ and later he was given the name Rajendra Mohan Chakravarty. There is an amazing story about his childhood. At about age of six, one day while he was playing with his playmates he jumped into a dumping place of broken glasses and got serious cuts at several places of his body. It did not only cause a lot of blood shed, at nightfall he had intense pain, high body temperature and was in a state of semi-consciousness. Everybody was very much concerned. At the middle of the night they heard a knock at the door. On opening the door they found a  Sannyasi  (renunciant) clad in saffron colored robes. The Sannyasi wanted to see Gopal.  As soon as Sannyasi touched Gopal, he started seeing many beautiful pictures in his vision (at that time he did not know what those pictures were, but later in life he knew that those were pictures of Himalayas). The Sannyasi took out some green leaves from his bag, squeezed them in his hand, applied it on the wounds and bandaged. He said that Gopal would be alright the following day. He also told Gopal that he would meet him next at Amarnath Temple in Kashmir and left. Everybody at the house was so spellbound that they forgot to ask who he was. As soon as he left they realized that and started looking for him. But he could not be found anywhere. (When any highly spiritual soul visits, they have the power to throw an envelope of mystic oblivion).  Next morning Gopal was alright.     

After completion of his middle school at Ujirpur, he was admitted in B. M. School (which was a renowned high school) in the district town of Barisal, where his father used to live in connection with his job. Though very meritorious, Rajendra lacked interest in regular school studies. He would rather like to read ‘Ramayan’, ‘Mahabharat’ and other religious books. Noticing his aversion to school studies, his father took him out of the school and arranged for a job under his friend Mr. Bell (an Englishman), Settlement Officer at Barisal. Mr. Bell one day told Chandra Mohan, “I think one day your son will be famous in spiritual field”.


Rajendra Mohan got married at his early youth. Soon his father retired due to old age. But he did not live long. After his father passed away Rajendra Mohan had to take all responsibilities of his father’s estate. Two years after his father’s death, his wife gave birth to a beautiful son. But his wife died within two weeks due to complication associated with child birth. After his wife’s death Rajendra Mohan became indifferent to worldly life. He was overwhelmed by a thought, “Who is this almighty, who is controlling our lives and deaths; can we see him”? At that point of time, he started visiting his Guru, Chandra Mohan Bhattacharya frequently in a nearby village. He felt a strong yearning for becoming a renunciant and making a journey to the Himalayas, where many Sannyasis live.

At Himalayas:

With his mother’s and Guru’s blessings Rajendra Mohan left home for Himalayas in pursuit of ‘God’. While in Himalayas he traveled extensively on foot to ‘Manash Sarovar’, ‘Amarnath Temple’ and various other places in India, Nepal, Tibet etc. While at Amarnath Temple a Sannyasi approached him and asked, “Do you know me”. Rajendra Mohan replied, “No”.  The Sannyasi then introduced himself and said that he met him at his house when he was under severe pain due to cuts by broken glasses at his childhood. Everything reappeared in his memory and Rajendra Mohan bowed down to his feet. The Sannyasi blessed him that his mission to attain God will soon be successful. Rajendra Mohan also came in contact with various other sages and ‘Sadhus’ like Jogiguru Goswamiji, Aghori Baba, Jnaniguru Swami Rameshwarananda etc. and learnt from them various process of Sadhana.  He spent about eight years in austerity and meditation in the Himalayas. One day he heard a divine utterance, “Go to Kamrup in Assam and continue your Sadhana (Meditation)”. He spent some time on meditation in the Kamakhya Temple in Kamrup. Then one day he heard another divine utterance, “Go to Ponabalia in Barisal and continue your Sadhana (Meditattion)”.

Shiddhi (Perfection):

On arrival at Ponabalia, he found a beautiful ‘Shiva Temple’ and quiet surroundings befitting for meditation. One night in the month of ‘Magh’, 1320 (February 1913) while he was meditating inside the temple closed door, the door opened all on a sudden. He was blessed by the divine vision of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva blessed Rajendra for his unflinching devotion (Bhakti). This is called ‘Shiddhi’. Rajendra asked what should be his next duty, ‘Lord Shiva’ replied, “Spread the message of God to the ignorant masses”.  Rajendra asked him again, “When I will see you next”? Lord Shiva replied, “Whenever you want to see me”.  

After Rajendra Mohan was blessed with ‘Siddhi’, he assumed the name Swami Dayananda Abadhut. He traveled different places in the district of Barisal like Guthia, Gaila, Ponabalia, Betagi, Banaripara, Jhalakathi, Sriramkathi etc and spread the message of God. He also traveled to Calcutta, different districts of East and West Bengal, Puri, Hazaribagh, Benaras etc. He had a large number of disciples and followers.


Thakur possessed an enormous divine power, but he rarely displayed miracles. However, sometimes he had to show it only for good cause, like saving his disciples from impending danger etc. He performed a lot of miracles. A few of his miracles are given below:

  1. One day Swamiji was traveling by steamer from Khulna to Barisal with a few of his disciples. It was a foggy winter night with poor visibility. The steamer went aground and got stuck. The captain could not re-float the steamer in spite of his best effort. The Captain became very worried, when he realized that there was a danger of overturning the steamer due to low tide. Then the Captain came to know that Swamiji was a first class passenger in this steamer and he begged for his divine help. When Swamiji realized that there was a possibility of loss of life, he agreed to help. Swamiji told the Captain to start the engine in the reverse direction. The Captain told that he already tried it but it did not work. Swamiji said – try it again. In a moments time people realized as if some invisible external force pushed the steamer back into the water.

  2. Mr. Satish Chandra Das was a comparatively rich man living in the village of Guthia in the district of Barisal. His only son Kartik Chandra Das was suffering  for a few months from an incurable disease. The family first consulted with local doctors, then the best doctors in the district town of Barisal and ultimately Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, a very renowned doctor, at Calcutta. But nobody could diagnose his real disease. He was then at the verge of death.

    At this time, his daughter Nihar Kana Das told his father, “Baba (father), we have heard that Thakur Dayananda Abadhut is currently staying at Jhalakathi (only a few miles away) in one of his disciple’s house. Can we take Kartik to him”?  Mr. Das replied, “We have consulted so many renowned doctors, they could not do anything, what a Sadhu will do”? Then Nihar Kana said, “Baba, Kartik will die anyway in a few days, but if he dies at the feet of a Sadhu, may be he will have a better life after death. At this Mr. Das said, “ Kartik is so fragile, will you be able to take him there? Take him if you can.” Then Nihar Kana came to Kartik and told him, “Bhai (bother), we will take you to Swami Dayananda Abadhut and you will be fully cured.” Kartik then started crying non-stop – Joyguru, Joyguru… Next morning they rented a boat, carried Kartik in a chair and started for Jhalakathi . (District of Barisal was full of rivers and available transportation was by boat only).

    At 11 o’clock in the morning Gurudev was sitting in the parlor of his disciple’s house at Jhalakathi surrounded by a few devotees. All on sudden he said, “A boat from Guthia is looking for this place, but they have a hard time to find it. Can you go to the riverside and help them. ” Soon the party arrived with Kartik in a chair carried by two persons. On seeing Kartik Gurudev said, “Khoka (son), you have come? Your cries have pierced my heart. I could not sleep last night.” At 12 o’clock, the disciple family offered Bhog (food offering) to the Gurudev (though he does not eat anything). After the Bhog is over, Gurudev told – give Kirtik as much Prasad as he can eat. He ate more than he usually eats.

    In the afternoon the family prepared to leave. At that time Kartik’s mother asked Gurudev, “Will you give some medication or something else to Kartik?” Gurudev said, “He has already taken the medication. (Gurudev hinted that Prasad is his medication). He will not need anything else.”  Gurudev also asked Kartik, “You should now go to the boat by walking and not in chair.”  To Everybody’s surprise he was able to do that. In a week’s time Kartik was completely cured.   

    (Note: Satish Chandra was not a disciple of Gurudev at that time. Later the whole family became Gurudev’s disciples. Satish Chandra eventually established a Ashram in his property at Guthia. Thirty years later Gurudev breathed his last in this Ashram.)

  3. Mr Jogen Sen was a Kaviraj (doctor of Indian herbal medicine) by profession. For sometimes his professional business was not going well. For three days he had no patient and the whole family was on the verge of starvation. He was a disciple of Gurudev and came to him for help.

    Gurudev said, “This place is not good for your business. You should rent a boat and go first to the south from this place and then in any direction you want. At one point you will realize that the boat does not want to move any further. That place would be your place for business”. Mr. Sen did as Gurudev advised. In couple of days he reached a very small town called Sriramkathi and the boat stopped moving any further. That particular day was a Hut Day (is a day when the villagers come to sell and buy their goods) there. Mr. Sen got out of the boat and sat in front of one shop and started selling his medicines. That day he made ten rupees which was more than a week’s income.

    Mr. Sen later settled there, bought a big property, built a big house and became a famous Kaviraj (doctor). Later on Gurudev came to his place several times and stayed with him.

  4. This happened when Thakur was staying at Jhalakathi in the house of Mr. Basanta Gupta. Thakur was sitting in the parlor of the house in the afternoon surrounded by disciples and devotees listening to him. All on a sudden Thakur said, “All of you please get out of the room. I have an urgent business to do”. Everybody went out and Thakur closed the door. After half an hour Thakur opened the door and everybody went inside again.

    Then one disciple very modestly asked, “Gurudev, why did you ask us to go out”. Thakur replied, “The daughter-in-law of Mr. Jatin Sen of Baukathi was in labor pain and was crying Gurudev save me, Gurudev save me…. Her cries pierced my heart. So I had to go there in subtle body to help her. Now she has delivered the baby”.

    Among the audience was a gentleman named Rohini Kumar Gupta, who was not a disciple of Gurudev. Since Baukathi was only a few villages away and he would know Mr. Jatin Sen, he decided to verify the statement.  Following morning he went to Baukathi and asked Mr. Jatin Sen, “I heard your daughter-in-law gave birth to a baby yesterday, did everything went smooth”. Then Mr. Sen said, “The maid was not able to deliver the baby and my daughter-in-law was crying in intense pain.  There was no doctor available in the village and we were puzzled – what to do? At that moment one Sadhu came and asked – is there a lady having labor pain, could I see her? He went inside, touched my daughter-in-law’s forehead, said she will deliver the baby soon and left. We even forgot to ask - who he was. My daughter-in-law delivered the baby in a few moments”.

  5. This event took place in 1950 when racial riots were going on in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). At that time Gurudev was staying at Banaripara ( district Barisal) in the house of Mr. Pashan Kundu. Two of his disciples of the village of Muladi rented a boat for going to Banaripara to see Gurudev.

    On the way some miscreants stopped the boat and took both the disciples on the shore. The disciples started chanting – Jayguru, Jayguru…When the miscreants were about to kill them, all on a sudden, a Moulavi (a Muslim priest) with white long robes and white cap appeared from nowhere. He asked them – what are you doing? The miscreants said, “Moulavi Saheb, they are Hindus, we will finish them”.  Moulavi Saheb told them, “They are bad Hindus. Why you want to kill the bad Hindus”? Then he told the disciples to get to the boat. Moulavi Saheb even pushed the boat and told the boatman to leave quickly. The disciples noted - when the boat reached at the middle of the river, the Moulavi Saheb disappeared.

    In an hour the disciples reached Banaripara where Gurudev was staying. On seeing them Gurudev started saying – what kind of careless people you are? Why did you get out of the home in this kind of atrocities and communal violence? Did you realize - if I did not keep a watch what could have happened to you?

  6. This episode happened when Thakur was staying in the house of Mr. Sarat Chandra Nandy in the village of Betagi (district – Barisal). One afternoon an old lady came to Gurudev and said, “Baba (father), I am suffering from acute arthritis. My whole body aches and I can hardly move. I can’t take it anymore. Please help me”.  At this Gurudev smiled a little and said – let me see what I can do.

    Next morning when the old lady woke up from the bed she did not have any pain in her body. But the Gurudev was not able to wake up from bed because of intense pain. Gurudev transferred the pain from her body to his own body. Because of Gurudev’s siddha body it could not stay in his body long. He was O.K. in next couple days.

Gurudev Never Ate:

Swami Dayananda Abadhut had the power to defy the laws of nature. Unlike all living beings, Swamiji never needed any food for living. In fact he never ate or drunk. Occasionally he would taste a tea-spoon of pudding etc. when the disciples would give Bhog (food offering) to him at noon and evening. It was equally amazing that he never had to answer nature’s call.


Gurudev was never interested in establishing Ashrams, but his disciples established several Ashrams as follows in different parts of India and Bangladesh:

(1) Abadhut Ashram, Shankarpur, Barkagawn Road, Hazaribag, Jharkhand, India.

(2) Abadhut Ashram, Shivalaya, Varanasi (Benaras), Uttar Pradesh, India

(3) Abadhut Ashram, Puri, Orissa, India  

(4) Abadhut Ashram, 6 Mahesh Mukherjee Feeder Road, Ariadaha (northen suburb of Kolkata), Kolkata, PIN -700056, India.   

(5) Abadhut Ashram, Guthia, district Barisal, Bangladesh.

(6) Abadhut Sangha, Ponabalia, Subdivision- Jhalakathi, district Barisal, Bangladesh


Swami Dayananda Abadhut passed away at Guthia (in the district of Barisal), Bangladesh on Thursday, 23 September 1954 (Bengali: ৬ই  আশ্বিন  ১৩৬১  সাল, বৃহস্পতিবার) after a very short ailment. For a few days before his death, Gurudev gave different hints to his disciples that he would leave the mortal world very soon. But the disciples could not catch the hints. His body was cremated at his native village of Ujirpur (district Barisal), Bangladesh.


Gurudev had a large number of disciples.

Most spiritually enlightened disciple was Swami Amalananda Abadhut

Gurudev’s Teachings:

  1. Always pray to God for devotion (Bhakti) and not for wealth or pleasure.

  2. Do the rightful duties without expectation of any reward.  Surrender to God for results of all your actions. If you completely surrender to God, you will achieve boundless pleasure.

  3. Shed all your weaknesses. Always keep faith in God. Faith and devotion goes side by side. One can not be achieved without the other. You can not succeed in spiritual achievement without unflinching faith in God.

  4. Always mentally chant Guru Mantra whether at work or on meditation. The more you chant Guru Mantra the more strength you will gain.  

  5. Never be slave to your ‘Ripus’*. They are man’s enemies. Uncontrolled ‘Ripus’ can cause one to loose human conscience.

  6. Always control your ‘Indriyas’ or sense organs (eye, ear, nose, tongue and skin). You will achieve immense pleasure.  

  7. Love all humans equally, even the animals. All are creations of the same God.

  8. Respect all women as mothers and sisters.

  9. Worship Guru & meditate on Guru. He will lead you in the path to divinity.

  10. Eat ‘Sattwik’ (vegetarian) food, if you can. ‘Sattwik’  food is good for health and conducive to spiritual achievements.

  11. Read Srimad Bhagvat Gita at least once every day- in full or in part or at least a few verses.

  12. Gurudev’s favorite Kirtan (Chorus singing):

    Guru Brahma, Guru Shyam; Guru Shiva, Guru Ram

• Ripus – Six of them - Lust, Anger, Greed, Delusion, Slumber and Jealousy.


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